Account Types

This guide aims to shed some light on the different account types within Tracker.

You can adjust these account types by navigating to Lists -> Account -> Account Vendor, and opening the account you wish to edit by double clicking.

Within the top left of the Account/Vendor window there is an account type drop down menu, as seen above. Tracker features five different account types; each with their own specific effects.

The Account account type is the default for all accounts upon creation. The name is a little on the nose, however this account type is primarily for accounts your company provides towing services to. These accounts will not be available in the Post Expenses section.

The Vendor account type is for the accounts your tow operation purchases supplies from, and don't provide any towing services for. These accounts can only be brought up in the Post Expenses section.

The Both account type functions as both the Account and Vendor type. These are accounts are for providing towing services for, as well as purchasing supplies from. If an account is marked as Both, it will appear under both sections.

The Cash account type is self evident. Use this type when the account uses cash for business transactions. When adding in a new call for the Cash account type, it will default the pay method to Cash. It should be noted that you can still change this pay method from the drop down menu, as seen below.

The Police account type is strictly for PD accounts and it has two distinct features. First, when adding in a new police call from the dispatch board, it will only show the accounts marked as Police in the requested by drop down menu, as seen below. Second, these police accounts are the only accounts that are looked at when running the any of the Reports -> Impounds -> Police Reports.

Generally, most accounts in your Tracker system are either the Account or Police type.

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