The Dispatch Stage Key

This Key is intended to briefly describe what each of the call stages are. If you would like additional information regarding how the Dispatch board, as a whole, works, please refer to Dispatching a New Call.

The call stages are all viewed under the Stage column, as seen inside the red box in the above example. The stages for each call are split up into two smaller columns.

Left Column
Right Column
W - Waiting. These calls are waiting to be assigned.
R - Received. The driver has received the call successfully.
A - Assigned. These calls have been assigned to the Driver as seen in the driver column. If a call is marked as being assigned, and is highlighted in Yellow, the call has been sent to the Driver's phone. 
V - Viewed. The driver has viewed the call. If a viewed call is Green that means the driver is using TrackerMobile. A dark Blue color in this column indicates that the driver has not viewed the call.
H - Hold. These calls are on hold and are not intended to be actively worked on. 
E - En route. The driver is on their way to the job site.
Q - Quote. These calls are waiting on a quote. 
A - Arrived. The driver has arrived to the job site.

H - Hooked. The vehicle has been hooked on the truck.
D - Dropped. The vehicle has been dropped off at the destination.

C - Cleared. The driver has completed the job and is available for the next job. All cleared jobs show as a Red highlight to emphasize on the job being completed.

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