TowPhoto, and Adding Pictures to Tracker

A standard practice for any towing operation is adding photos to their invoices. This helps provide the needed context, and visual information that would, otherwise, be absent. Many of you may already have access to our paid application, TrackerMobile, which allows drivers to update their calls while they are onsite. However, occasionally all that is required is the simple act of adding photos to your invoices. When this is the case, we recommend using our free application, TowPhoto.  TowPhoto is available on all iOS (Apple) and Android devices. Upon launching the application for the first time you will see the following screen.

Registering Your Device
Before you start taking pictures and uploading them to your Tracker, the first step is to register your device by selecting the Device Registration option. This will bring up a window where you can fill out your corresponding info. Be sure to fill out each field. Once this is complete, a TowPhoto request will be sent to our inbox. We will then register your device so your TowPhoto will know which company it has to upload your photos to. Once the registration has been complete, a confirmation email will be sent to the email you provided in your registration, signifying your TowPhoto is ready to upload photos.
Keep in mind that this registration is tied to that specific device. If you have more than one device or recently got a new mobile device all together, then these new devices will need to be registered.   

Adding the Photos

TowPhoto’s primary function is to add photos to your Tracker system. From the main screen you can either select the blue Take Photos button or you can select the orange Upload Photos button. If you still need to take the photos, select the blue Take Photos option. Your phone may ask you to give this application permission to use the camera and storage. Allow this permission if it comes up. Your phone's camera will activate. Take as many photos as you like, and when finished, select the Done option. TowPhoto will then ask which invoice you would like to upload these photos to. Double check to make sure the photos are going to the correct invoice, then select the Upload button in the top right. You may also input the vehicle's VIN here.
If you have already taken your photos, and wish to upload them later, or if you need to upload them in a location with a stronger signal, then you can use the orange Upload Photos button. Simply select the photos you wish to add, enter the invoice number you wish to upload them to, and select Upload.

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