Adding a Truck in Tracker

One of the key features of Tracker is allowing you to manage information about all of your Trucks. It is also a requirement for a Truck to be selected when assigning a call to a driver.

Setting up a new Truck is a very easy process. From the main Tracker menu, navigate to Lists -> Truck. This will bring up your Truck list, as seen above. From here you can search for a particular truck, edit a truck's information by double-clicking on the Truck# in the list, print out a list of all your Trucks, and, of course, add a new Truck.

To add a new Truck, you can click the New button and you will be brought to a new window where you can enter all the information about your Truck as seen below.

The only information required when entering a truck into the system is the Truck # and Type field which are highlighted in the above picture. All other information is optional but can be entered for your record keeping.

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