Assigning Drivers to Trucks

Tracker allows you to assign specific drivers to specific trucks at specific times. If your operation runs on a consistent schedule, then you can utilize this feature to cut down on assignment time. Just know that this feature is entirely optional.

Tracker can work with, up to, three different shifts of drivers

The Shift Schedule

In order to actually assign the drivers to their trucks, just follow these steps.

  1. From the main menu in Tracker, navigate to Activities in the top left corner, then click on the Assign Truck option. This will open the same Driver/Truck Assignments window that you can see above.
  2. In the Enter Shift box, choose which shift you would like to set up. Whether it be 1, 2, or 3.
  3. Click on the Time button, located in the bottom portion of the window. This will highlight the Start and Quit time boxes. Enter in the start and end times for the shift you indicated. Know that Tracker requires you to use the 24-hour clock format, also known as military time. Be aware, that you do not need to add a time for the shift if you do not want to.
  4. Now all you need to do is enter the driver's employee code in the larger field and the truck number in the smaller field. Then, click on the Add button to have this driver applied to the current shift you are working on.
  5. You can add as many drivers to a shift as you like by repeating the above steps.

Odds and Ends

If you wish for a hard copy of this information, then click on the Print button for the currently selected shift, or Print All for all shifts.

If you need to change a driver’s assignment for any reason, click on that driver, then click on the Release button. That driver will be removed from the currently selected shift.

You can also sign out your driver's TrackerMobile from this screen if they are off duty.

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