Itemizing Invoices

Itemizing an invoice is the process of grouping the various charges that can accrue on a ticket. This allows Tracker to better organize the miscellaneous charges that can occur during a towing operation. These extra charges could be everything from new tires, a jumper cable, or even an additional driver or truck.

The Setup

The first step is to determine if you have the appropriate items, also called item codes, in Tracker that you would like to add to this ticket. A list of these items can be accessed by navigating to Lists -> Itemization. If you would like to learn more about setting up these item codes for future use then see our Item codes guide.

Changing the Invoice Type

Once this preparation is done, find the invoice you would like to itemize and click on the Details/Page Down button. Then click on the itemize button, located on the right-hand side of the invoice, as seen below. A new box will come up asking you if you would like to create an itemized invoice. Click yes.

Itemizing the invoice will have two effects.

  1. The Truck#, Driver field, and driver code fields will change to the star * symbol. This is to account for any additional drivers that will be added to the invoice.
  2. The Tow Invoice Itemize screen is now available for use on this ticket. 

As an additional tip, you can manually change the Truck# and Driver fields to stars *. This will also permit access to the Tow Invoice screen.

Adding the Items

Once the Tow Invoice Itemize window is open, you will see a list of all items that are currently added to the invoice. This window will be blank besides an initial item which is for the Towing charge. Click on the new button, and a new Item Details window will come up, and you'll be able to add any of the items on your itemization list. Be sure to follow each of these steps for each item you would like to add to your invoice.

If you do not recall your item codes, simply place a forward slash " / " or a question mark " ? " into the item code field, and press tab on your keyboard.

This will bring up your master item list for you to pick, and choose which item you would like to add to your invoice.

Once you have chosen the item you would like to add, be sure to assign a charge type to it if one did not populate automatically.

The valid charge types for invoices, and their short codes, are as follows.

  1. T - Towing
  2. L - Labor
  3. M - Miscellaneous
  4. D - Dolly
  5. S - Second Tow
  6. I - Mileage
  7. W - Winch
  8. U - User Defined

Be sure to enter the appropriate truck number for the specified item.

Adding the Charges

To have Tracker calculate the charges for the item automatically, just put a rate amount into the Rate section, and then place the quantity of this item. This will determine the total item amount that this item will charge.

You can also just fill in the amount field with the total charges for this item (As I did in the above picture).

Driver Commission

If the item you are adding to the invoice is an additional driver, add the truck they were assigned to, and enter their driver code into the Driver field. Be aware that you can also see your full list of drivers by using the forward-slash " / " or question-mark " ? " and hitting the tab key.  If you wish to pay commission to the driver, first click the Pay Commission? checkbox, then click on the Commission Detail button. The Driver Commission window will open, as seen below.

The total amount you have entered on the Tow Invoice Itemize window will appear under the Item Amount field on the Driver Commission Window. Simply enter in the hourly rate, how many hours the driver worked, what their commission percentage is, and Tracker will determine their total commission for the job.

Be aware that the commission percentage field reads whole numbers as the percentage. So a 15% commission would just have 15.00 in the commission field.


How do I remove the Itemization?

If you find that you need to remove the itemized items on an invoice, all you need to do is go into the itemization list screen for the ticket, remove each item you added by clicking on it and selecting delete. Then, you can change the stars * within the Truck#, and Driver fields back to their original truck number, and driver. Remember to save the ticket afterward.

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