Adding Item Codes

In some situations, you may find yourself needing an array of specific additional charges on your invoices, e.g., transfer load, cranes, or even lumber. Tracker allows you to shorten these names to a short code format that you can use on your Tracker invoices for faster data entry.

This feature can be found on the main menu under Lists -> Itemization. This is where you will see the following window.

From here you can double click on any of the items in the list to view and edit them. Or you can click on the New button and create a New itemization code altogether.

Once you have decided on what item you would like added to your list, enter what that item is next to the description field, and then add what short code you would like to be assigned to that item next to the Code field. This short code is limited to three characters. In the below example I used Crane as my item and CRA as my item code.

Keep in mind that you can use the TAB key on your keyboard to navigate the fields faster.

If the item you are adding or editing has an Hourly charge enter the dollar amount in Hrly Charged. If it has a Flat Rate, enter that amount in the Amt. Charged. And if the driver is paid commission on this charge, enter that amount

Finally, select what charge type this item would be considered. In the above example, I choose for the charge to be applied to the Towing charge line. Then, be sure to click on the Save button on the right-hand side of the window.

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