Security Setup, and Permissions

Tracker is a very versatile program with multiple facets to it. As such, it would be natural that you would want some information kept confidential or have limited access to it. This is where the Tracker security setup comes in. Below is a list, detailing what each item in the security setup will do. You can reach this list from the main menu, navigate to the Administration drop-down menu, and then go to Security Setup.

From this menu, you can provide or limit access to certain parts of Tracker for any user at your place of business. This area is also where you can create additional Tracker logins by clicking on the new button, on the right-hand side, and filling in a username and password. Then you can pick and choose what aspects of Tracker this user has access to.
  1. Towing Invoices - Allows access to Add, Recall, and Dispatch. However, this setting does not deny reports regarding invoices.
  2. View Tow Invoice Charges - Allows the charge amounts on your towing invoices, as seen on the second page of the ticket. This also hides the total charge, total amount paid, and balance due.
  3. Delete Tow Invoices - Allows the ability to delete towing invoices. We advise that only one person, if any, have access to this.
  4. Payroll - Permits access to the features listed under the Activities -> Payroll section. It will also allow access to invoice-specific driver's commission, as seen at the bottom of the second page of any invoice.
  5. Truck Maintenance - Permits access to the Reports -> Truck -> Maintenance, Unit Summary, and Fleet Summary reports.
  6. Security - Permits access to the security window as seen in the picture above. It is advised that only one or two people at your company are given access to the Security setup, as it allows them to edit any, and all permissions. It also allows the user to add, and remove Tracker accounts.
  7. Letters Setup - Allows access to the letter setup options under Administration -> Letters Setup. Be aware this permission is only referring to how letters are setup and formatted, and not the ability to print or view their information.
  8. Account List - This permission will only grant access to, and by extension edit, the account list. This can be located under Lists -> Accounts -> Account Vendor.
  9. Employee List - This permission will grant access to, and by extension edit, the employee list and driver commission rates. These can be located under Lists -> Employees -> Employees, and Driver Commission Rate.
  10. Lists - Allows the user to view all other lists from the lists drop down menu with the exception of the Account and Employee List. Each of these have their own permission that needs to be granted.
  11. Post Expenses - Permits the user to view and edit the Post Expenses screen, located from the main Tracker menu.
  12. Assign Tickets - Allows access to the assign tickets screen, where you can assign multiple tickets to a driver at once. This function can be located at Activities -> Assign Ticket. Keep in mind that this permission is only referring to this assign tickets window and not the ability to assign tickets from Dispatch.
  13. Lot Manager, another Tracker Management product, uses your Tracker login credentials to sign in. This permission enables the user to log into Lot Manager with their credentials.
  14. DMV Requests - Allows the user to utilize the request DMV function from the Owner Master screen, located at the bottom of the first page of the invoice under the Owner/Lien button.
  15. Release Police Hold - Allows the use user to release a police hold (uncheck the police hold box) which is located on the Details page of an invoice below the Loaded Mileage information.
  16. Change Invoices - Allows the user to edit any tow invoices' information, with the exception of its pricing information. To permit the ability to change the invoice's pricing, see number 23.
  17. Verify/Lock Invoices - Allow the user to verify and lock an invoice. This prevents other users from editing this invoice's information. Be aware that locking an invoice does not prevent payments from being made to them.
  18. Unverify/Unlock Invoices - Allow the user to unverify, or unlock an invoice after it has been verified. It is advised to grant the ability to verify and unverify an invoice in tandem.
  19. Payment Dates for Invoices - Allows the user to change the invoice's payment date.
  20. Payment Dates for Receipts - Allows the user to change the payment date from the receipts screen.
  21. Changing Dates and Request By for Dispatch - Allows the user to edit all date, call time, requested by information within the Dispatch menu and the individual invoice.
  22. The second line of the number 21 permission.
  23. Change Invoice Pricing - Permits the ability to change the invoice's prices. These are the prices on the second page of the invoice. If this permission is not checked, prices such as the tow/hook will appear grayed out.
  24. Handling Dispatch Calls - Allows the user to perform call specific functions within the Dispatch board, such as canceling, reactivate, and delete calls. These functions are available from the Dispatch Call Entry/Edit window, which can be opened by entering the Dispatch board, from the main menu, and pressing F6 on your keyboard.
  25. Change Times in Dispatch - Allows the user to edit the En Route, Arrived, Hooked, and Dropped times on a new call from the Dispatch screen.
  26. Delete Dispatch Notes - Allows the user to delete/remove dispatch/call notes. These notes are located on the update call menu and are automatically generated when a call has changes made to it, as well as if a user adds a note manually.
  27. Auction Full Access - 27 and 28 both deal with how a user can view the Auction processing window. If the Auction processing Full access is selected, the user has access to all information within the Auction window.
  28. Auction Documents Only - If Auction processing Documents is selected and Full access is not, the Auction window will omit the Sale amount, the user fee, any misc fees, the amount paid, and any balance due. If both the full access and the documents only (27 & 28) options are not checked, Tracker will just block the Auction's window altogether.
  29. Ticket Import/Export - Allows the user to import, and export their invoices. This feature is located under Administration -> Data File Utilities -> Import, Export Invoices.
  30. - 43. Permit access to the reports within each section listed. These reports are accessed under the Reports drop-down from the main menu.

Digital Dispatch Specific

44. Enabling this will permit the user to log in to Digital Dispatch, another Tracker Management Product.

45. Enabling this will tell Digital Dispatch to allow this user to view the Motor Club Billing section. 

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