Feature History 11.0 - 11.8.0

Tracker Version 11.8.0

      1. Updated the Auto Data Direct (ADD) integration
      2. Increased performance on the Letters screen 
      3. Updated Dispatch to allow calls to be searched by Location, Destination, and VIN
      4. Added an integration for eImpound, for Lienholder information
      5. Added a multiple destinations function from Dispatch
      6. Added an integration to Recall to allow Invoices, and Photos to be sent to Fleetnet
      7. Various bug fixes 

Tracker Version 11.5.0

  1. Integrate Tracker with C3LS
  2. Add OMG! National Reviews to the Tracker Reviews program
  3. Create an “Unverified Payments Report” to show payments where “Verified/Locked” isn’t selected on an invoice
  4. Create Ticket Audit queue to enhance “Verified/Locked” process
  5. Added “Quote” button to New Heavy and New Transport Call screen
  6. Normalize right-click functions across all Dispatch screens
  7. Created a report that breaks down mileage on each invoice
  8. Add time to the Dispatch & Sales Active Detailed Call Report
  9. Create a report that gives total hours on each call per invoice
  10. Created a report that shows vehicle information for calls done on a specific day
  11. Added filtering by Ticket # on Missing PO report
  12. Updated Missing PO Report
  13. Add ability to print underlying records for Employee records
  14. Added ability for Receipt reports to be exported to Excel
  15. Created Audit Log for Emailed Invoices
  16. Modify audit log to show all invoice changes
  17. Added ability to copy/paste digital messages
  18. Added Direct Print to some reports
  19. Added an integration with Auto Data Direct’s Direct to Post Office feature
  20. Added a restriction to the Verified by Acct Date on the Payment window
  21. Added a search for bidders in the Action Bidders screen
  22. Updated Image Viewer in Recall
  23. Added Bidder Company Information to the Auction Sales Record
  24. Updated the Assign/Update screen so that it checks if a driver is terminated or marked as a driver
  25. Updated the Pay Method field in Auction to recognize short codes
  26. Added CC Fee button to Assign/Update
  27. Updated the printed bidder list to include email addresses
  28. Added Photos/Scans to Truck Setup
  29. Added Zone to the Truck List report
  30. Updated Itemization to add the times on the initial itemization of an invoice
  31. Added Per Account finance charges for past due balances
  32. Added the ability to search Recall by Work, Home, and Caller Phone #
  33. Added ability to add PDFs to Scanned Documents
  34. Cleaned up Payment Detail screen
  35. Various Bug Fixes

Tracker Version 11.4.0

  1. Added the ability to search for Multi Vehicle records from Recall
  2. Enhanced Scanning to allow multi-page scanning
  3. Completed the rest of the screen modernization
  4. Added the Direct Print option to reports
  5. Added Auction #s to print on Auction List Report
  6. Completed the Auction Report updates
  7. Updated the Recall > Print Letters form
  8. Added the ADD Direct Post-Office Integration
  9. Enhanced reporting to break down shop codes
  10. Updated the Response Time reports to use the dynamic forms
  11. Added the ability for the Receivables > Open Invoice report to be sorted by PO#
  12. Added Release Date in the Post Receipts screen
  13. Updated Tracker and Lot Manager for new fields
  14. Changed Sales Active > Daily Sales so it sorts numerically
  15. Added User Defined 1 & 2 to New Heavy Call and New Transport Call screens
  16. Added additional fields to Invoice Setup
  17. Added time range to Response Time by Driver report
  18. Various Bug Fixes

Tracker Version 11.3.0 - 11.3.1

  1. Added ability to have DD calls print from Tracker when received. Configurable in Dispatch Settings for ‘Always Print’, ‘Never Print’, or ‘Prompt User’
  2. Changed Driver Checkout report so the ticket count only includes unique invoice numbers
  3. Added Location and Destination Zone to New Heavy and New Transport Call screens
  4. Added the ability to select multiple email addresses when using Reports > Sales Active > Print Invoices
  5. Added the ability to use Impound Lot Address for default Destination
  6. Added Address to Impound Lost list
  7. Moved Tracker PD Security Settings from Tracker PD to Tracker Base
  8. Screen modernization
  9. Various Bug Fixes

Tracker Version 11.2.0 - 11.2.1

  1. Added Drivers License field to Owner Master screen
  2. Added the check boxes Insurance, Registration, and Title to the header page of Recall and History
  3. Various Bug Fixes

Tracker Version 11.0.0 - 11.1.0

  1. Enhanced Two Way Messaging in Dispatch
  2. Added ability to sort invoice notes in Recall by columns other than date
  3. Added Call Number to Receipts by Account Report
  4. Show select driver statuses from Tracker Mobile in the On Duty Trucks list in Dispatch, even when driver is assigned a call
  5. Added the ability to send pricing from Tracker to TrackerMobile
  6. Added the ability to submit WhiteRail reviews by Reason
  7. Added the ability to change the TrackerMobile Maximum On-Scene time interval by account
  8. Enhanced Canned Messaging for TrackerMobile and text messaging
  9. Added to where if a credit card payment is successfully processed, the user cannot exit without saving
  10. Added to where truck and driver information is validated when saving an itemized invoice
  11. Added a Contacts button to the Account Info form
  12. Added the ability to select which charges are discounted when using a lump sum discount
  13. Make Save/Assign have a hot key from Call Entry/Edit screen
  14. Add Force Logoff Mobile button to On Duty Trucks
  15. Update Tracker to download TowPhotos
  16. Add Reply button to New Message pop up screen in Dispatch
  17. Enhance how Messaging works between Tracker & Mobile
  18. Add driver code to the Quickbooks Export
  19. Export itemization details to Quickbooks
  20. Geocode physical addresses on Account/Vendor Screen
  21. Photo thumbnails visible from the Assign/Update screen
  22. Additional short keys on New call screens
  23. Update Certified Mail Report to Crystal Report
  24. Add ability to e-mail to Add Invoice program
  25. Require LotManager Label (number) for impounded vehicles
  26. Rearrange Recall Buttons on side of screen
  27. Added the ability to return geocoded results in all caps
  28. Ability to create tax rates on Per Account basis
  29. Created an FTP site on the cloud server where Cloud customers could upload photos to attach to invoices
  30. Ability to email reports from Crystal Reports
  31. Created new splash screens for Login and License Disclaimer window
  32. Added ability to set a pre-determined lowest bid price
  33. Added the ability to search by invoice number in the Export screens
  34. Various Bug Fixes

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