Receipts, Credits, and Bulk Paying Invoices

The easiest way to manage your books is through the Receipts screen. Here, you can manage, and pay off invoices per account. You can also apply credits to accounts here as well.

What Does it all Mean?

This screen can look intimidating at first, so let's break down each section. I've color-coded and highlighted points of interest.

At the top of the page, we have the account search field, that account's current balance, and by selecting the View Credits button on the right (Green Box), we can see all available and applied credits for our selected account.

Entering the Payment

The Red box on the upper left pertains to the Receipt or Credit Information that you would like to apply. Keep in mind that the dollar Amount that is entered, the Date/Time, and the payment Method, are all required fields regardless of what needs to be done on the Receipts screen. This keeps items consistent across payments within the program.

Let's talk about that last one, the payment Method. I've highlighted it within the red box. The payment method seems to trip up a lot of people as the methods such as CASH, Check, and Debit are all hardcoded into the system.

These are the available payment methods for Tracker, each having its own short code assigned to them. To clarify, some of the less obvious options, ACH is for wire transfers. And to apply a check, choose the K option, then enter in check number following it. See below.

Finding the Ticket/Invoice(s)

On the upper right-hand side of the window (Blue box), we have the area that pertains to finding the invoice(s) to which you would like to apply your payment. You can search for these individually, or you can enter a range of conditions as well as a date range or a closing date. I've highlighted the closing date field here as a reminder that if you are looking for any invoice/ticket whatsoever, you need to search for either a date range or a closing date.

Once you have your desired date, be sure to hit the TAB key on your keyboard to populate the outstanding ticket section with results. Take note that you can scroll through these outstanding tickets with the Page up, Page Down, HOME, and END keys on your keyboard.

After the payment has been entered in, and the tickets have been pulled up, select each of the applicable invoices you want to have the payment applied to via the checkboxes on the left and then select the Process Receipt button.

Applying a Credit to an Account

Applying a credit to an account is a very simple process. To do this, find the account you would like to apply the credit to, and then enter in the payment information (see Entering the Payment (Red Box). Note that credits still require a payment method to be entered in. If the credit doesn't necessarily have a specific payment method, we recommend just using the O or Other option. Once the desired amount is inputted, you can skip the ticket section entirely and just select the Process Receipt button. Below is an example of everything you need to input a credit.

You will get a notification box asking if you want to apply the payment to the selected tickets, we have no tickets selected so choose Yes. Then another box appears, asking if you want to create a credit for the desired account, choose Yes once again.

After the credit has been created we can see it from the View Credits option (Green Box).

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