Scanning Into Tracker

Tracker needs a few things in order to get the scanning to work. TS Scan needs to be installed on your workstation, Tracker needs to have the correct scanner set as its default, the scanner's software (drivers) need to be updated, and the scanner needs to be plugged in, powered on, and functioning.

Install TS Scan

  1. Be sure to close all instances of Tracker that you may, currently, have opened by clicking on the red Exit button on the main page. 
  2. Click here to be taken to the official terminal works website to download TS Scan.
  3. Scroll down and select the blue client download button. Under the drop-down menu for this section, be sure to select the Windows EXE (2000, XP, Vista, 7,8,10) option if you are on Microsoft (Windows). Or select the Mac OS X version that best applies to your workstation.  
  4. Double click on the download and run the program. Be aware that the installation will fail if you have an instance of Tracker open.  
  5. When the TS Scan installer is running just click on OK, NEXT, NEXT, I Agree to these Terms and Conditions, NEXT, and FINISH to get the application installed. 
  6. Test and see if you can scan into Tracker as normal.  

Setup the Default Scanner in Tracker

  1. Startup Tracker, login, and recall an invoice. It would be preferable if it was an invoice that you wish to scan a document into.
  2. Click on the Details/Page Down button located on the right-hand side of the invoice.
  3. While you are on this page of the invoice, locate the F7 button on your keyboard and then press it. After a few seconds, this will open up the Select Source window. Be aware that this window can appear behind the Tracker window.
  4. Once you have located the Select Source window, select the TS Scan option as your default scanner, and then click on select.  Don’t see the TS Scan option? See the Install TS Scan portion of this guide.
  5. Test and see if you can scan into Tracker as normal.
  6. Using TS Scan as the default scanner does not work, then change the default scanner to the name of your scanner. Such as Brother DS-920DW.

Scanner Specific Issues

 There are a few scanner-specific issues that can prevent it from scanning. You may need to make sure the scanner you are working with is toggled to its designated scanning mode. This usually comes in the form of a mode button that some duel HP printers/scanners have.

Additionally, if you are using the Brother DSmobile 920dw, then be sure the screen on the scanner itself is toggled to PC mode by clicking on the OK button.

Installing the Scanner Drivers

 The next step, if the above steps fail to produce results, is to update your scanner's drivers. The process of updating your scanner's drivers is a volatile process and depends on which scanner you are working with. However, the broad steps to installing a scanner’s drivers stay pretty consistent. 
  1. Be sure to close all instances of Tracker that you may, currently, have open. You can do this by clicking on the red Exit button on the home page. Having an instance of Tracker open can cause some problems for the installation process. 
  2. Determine your scanner’s manufacturer and model. This information is usually printed on the scanner itself. So, a scanner with Brother DS-920DW printed on it has the manufacturer of Brother and the model is the DS-920DW. 
  3. Open a web browser and search the scanner’s manufacturer and model followed by the word “drivers.”
  4. Locate the official link provided by the manufacturer you are looking for. Open the site and locate the drivers download. 
  5. Download and install your new scanner drivers. Be sure to run through the installation wizard to its completion. 


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